We are always searching for great people that are looking to challenge their personal limits in a unique work and living environment.

The ideal candidates are people that love physical work are able to withstand the (often times very) long days and are able to work in a team environment.

This is a perfect job for students and for people that want to change their everyday routine, adventurers that are not scared to get their hands dirty. Problem-solving abilities and the willingness to be an active participant in the work environment is constantly prerequisites we value highly.

Do you want to stretch your mental, emotional and physical limits?

Will you bring a positive force and contribute to a good atmosphere and a climate of excellence at work? Send your resume along with your contact information at and we will contact you.

Looking forward to working with you !

Horse Show Services Co
5620 Bourgchemin
Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada
J0C 1C0

Gabriel Bélanger, PDG/CEO
514 730-5303 
Rafaël Ménard, DO/COO
514 772-9710 
Sébastien Villeneuve, CS/SC
514 773-4972